He got up, rebuked the wind and said to the waves, “Quiet! Be still!” Then the wind died down and it was completely calm.  Matthew 8:23-27


I don’t believe that it is fair to ask people not to be afraid in the midst of a storm. Personally, I like storms. In my life I have experienced a few tropical storms and hurricanes while living on the coast of Mexico. There is something impressive about the power of the wind blowing through the trees and the ocean roaring as the waves crash into the rocks. Storms are serious business, and we need to be cautious when we face them. Yet, from a safe location, a storm has a kind of dangerous beauty that I can’t help but admire.

As a follower of Christ I have seen and lived storms in my life. Some are easier to ride than others, but they all have something in common: When I turn to Jesus for shelter I find peace. Today we are facing a huge storm. This is not a new storm for the waves of an ungodly culture have been increasingly growing and crashing onto the ship of our faith.

The open rebellion of the American people against God has never been so unrestrained as it is now. Any doubt that we have ceased to be a Christian nation has dispersed, and this is a good thing.


Can anything good come from a storm? Storms can help reveal weaknesses and areas that need improvements. I remember one particular storm in Matamoros, Mexico. A hurricane came through the city with strong winds and rain. The chapel building of the Children’s Home where my parents served as directors was one of the few structures in the neighborhood that could endure the storm. We had families from the area move in to ride out the storm. Our own apartment was not safe. After days of sleeping in the chapel we were able to return to our own beds. The storm was over. I remember entering my parents room and lying on their bed. To my surprise the bed was soaking wet. The roof had not held very well in the storm. My parents knew that the old building needed repairs, but not too long after the hurricane a complete new building was built and the old one torn down. The storm had revealed the weakness of the building and the repairs needed.


The storm that we are facing today is revealing the weakness in the Church. There are entire denominations crumbling down under the social pressure to ignore scripture. It seems that we have not built the body of Christ on the solid foundation of God’s word. Maybe there had not been a reason to pay too much attention to the foundation until today. We have tried to cover the imperfections of our broken lives with grace and ignored repentance and sanctification. Yes, God’s grace is always larger than our sin, but that grace only comes with repentance. Yes, grace allows us to live in the security that God is merciful and forgiving, but our lives are to be constantly becoming more like Christ through sanctification. I cannot please God if I am continuously claiming grace while I am sinning. After all he told the adulterous woman, ” I don’t condemn you. Go and sin no more.” We seem to have heard something very different “I don’t condemn you. Go sin more!”

The storm is revealing that not all so-called Christians are worshiping the same God. I believe that it’s time to draw a line in the sand and ask the question “Who will serve the Lord?” The President, Congress, and, the courts have decided to serve man. They have determined that giving to the people what they want is the best way to chart the course of the nation. It seems as if leadership has  been redefined to mean “keep people happy and don’t shake the boat.” The results will catastrophic. We ha opened a can of worms that we won’t be able to contain. Basic issues that at one point were easy to solve because we followed God’s laws of nature, now will become unmanageable and confusing. Family structures will become extremely unstable and on the long run will prove to be disastrous. If sexual abuse and mistreatment of people with gender identity issues caused a wounded and confused generation, making it a normal will send our culture into chaos. This is just the beginning of the storm. The waves are getting bigger, but have not reached their peak.

so what do we do now? We prepare to ride the storm. We need to chart the course of our vessel using the map and the wisdom given by God. We need to recall and teach others the basic of our faith.

  1. Learn and preach the Gospel. Arguing with people over the foolishness of our culture will not change hearts. Remember how Jesus saved you from your sin and transformed you. Give others th opportunity to have the same experience. Share the good news that Jesus come to brings restoration to God. He accepts us as we are and promise to make us acceptable to the father.
  2. Get back to the Word and Prayer. This is not the time for half-committed Christians. You need to listen to God through His word and praying for you and others. We are in this situation because God has allowed it and I hate to say it, but because we have failed to take God’s word seriously.  People think they know the bible and God, but they are ignorant of the character of the True God. You wont’ be able to lead your family during this time if you are not in continual communication with God.

The bottom line is this. You will have to be intentional as how you will ride this storm. Where is your source of truth? When things get confusing, where are you turning for wisdom? Our leaders have turned to popular opinion and sentiment. How a bout you? As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. Why not join us?


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